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Zone Alarms. Simplex, Edwards, Notifier fire alarms. Single and multiple zone alarms circuits and system design. National fire alarm code, fire alarm inspection, equipment, installers, manufacturers and fire alarm training.

Zone Alarms, Fire Alarm Panel

Fire alarm control panels start with a simple one zone panel for use in smaller premises, such a shop factory unit and surgeries.

Larger, upgradable control panels are available in 2 to 14 zone versions. These control panels would be used typically in shops, schools, factories and houses with multiple occupation. All fire panels are compliant with British standard 5839 part 4, and host a variety of features.

Even larger control panels based on the same specification as its smaller counter parts can be used for systems that require up to 32-zone expansion. These control panels are very versatile and are ideal for up-grades and retro-installations.

What is the idea behind single zone alarm and multiple zone alarm fire alarm systems?

A single zone fire alarm will usually be installed in a house or small building where it is not so important to localise the source of the fire as it is for a big building.

A multiple zone fire alarm will split a larger building into zones with a separate fire emergency indicator for each zone. More sophisticated alarms will localise the fire even more precisely down to a room within a zone for example and with english language text description of fire location

Multiple zone alarms cover a wide range from 2 to 4 zone, right up to 32 zone and bigger.

The same description applies to burglar alarms.

Single Zone AlarmSingle Zone - Single zone fire alarm circuit diagram and description. This contrasts with a multiple zone alarm where there are two or more zones. A single zone alarm has only one zone.

Multiple Zone - A more complex type of fire alarm enbling the source of a fire to be pinpointed to one of several zones. Links to places to find a multiple zone alarm

Fire Alarm - Simplex, Notifier, Edwards fire alarm systems and others. Also wireless fire alarm systems, fire alarm system basics and fire alarm system design.

Simplex - Fire alarm system for small Simplex Fire Alarm and mid-size facilities. Addressable, simple to install and maintain. In a variety of configurations, and with a good price too.

Edwards - Edwards offer a whole range of fire alarms for various building sizes. As well as Edwards fire alarm they have Edwards emergency lighting.

Notifier - Notifier Fire Alarms. Offers the Onyx Series of Notifier Fire Alarm products. Information and links to buy various Notifier Fire alarm systems

Burglar and Fire - Info on fire and burglar alarm systems, links to burglar and Fire security alarm systems.

National Fire Alarm CodeNational Alarm Code - This is a massive amount of information and cannot be listed here. Try the various links to the national fire alarm code online

Honeywell - Description of small, medium and large sized business honeywell fire alarm systems. Links to Honeywell site and others concerning fire alarm systems

Inspection - Fire alarm testing and inspection advice and outline procedures. Information on fire alarm inspection standards

Equipment - Smoke detectors, heat detectors, bells, call points, wiring, panels, break glass, fixed heat detectors, rising heat detectors. Fire alarm cable, fire alarm box, fire alarm panels, fire alarm accessories, fire alarm bell and fire alarm pull station and other fire alarm equipment.

Fire Alarm InstallersInstallers - A few links to directories of fire alarm installers with simple advice on companies which install fire alarm systems

Manufacturers - A few links to directories of fire alarm manufacturers. Links to some of the world's leading fire alarm manufacturers

Visual - This type of fire alarm is for the hard of hearing or the deaf. Links to information pages on visual fire alarms.

Car - Information regarding the nature and effectiveness of car alarms, with links to manufacturers of car alarms and car alarm retailers

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