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Fire Alarm Panels - Examples of fire alarm control panels and link to Edwards fire alarm panels, information on and pictures of fire alarm panels

Edwards - Edwards offer a whole range of fire alarms for various building sizes. As well as Edwards fire alarm they have Edwards emergency lighting.

Edwards Fire Alarm Panels. Pictures and description of Quickstart and Fireshield Edwards Fire Alarm Panels.

QuickStart lives up to its name in every respect. Its exclusive auto-learn routine, combined with its built-in scanner port ensures a fast, trouble-free installation every time.

Designed specifically to meet the requirements of ULC-S527-99 (Standard for Control Units for Fire Systems) QuickStart life safety systems support intelligent circuits, conventional circuits, and a combination of both.

New installations benefit from EST's widely acclaimed Signature Series family of intelligent detectors and modules. Now no job is too small for true multisensor technology, environmental compensation, electronic addressing, and the power of intelligent processing that, before QuickStart, was the exclusive domain of big systems.

Retrofit applications enjoy the best of both worlds. QuickStart's support for both intelligent and conventional circuits ideally positions this innovative control panel for upgrading an existing system all at once - or in stages. With Signature Series' unique ability to use existing wiring, expensive communications-grade cable and costly rewiring is not required in most retrofit situations. This means every retrofit can enjoy the benefits of a major system upgrade without the cost or disruption to building activities normally associated with a life safety overhaul.

New or retrofit, QuickStart's application flexibility and ease of operation make it an ideal choice for schools, apartment buildings, hospitals, office buildings, and retail facilities. Easy to install, simple to set up, and rock-solid when it comes to performance, QuickStart control panels are an installer's dream and a building owner's delight.

For more information on QuickStart's application capabilities, select QuickStart Small to Midsize Facilities Systems.

A no-nonsense design means no wasted time or features. FireShield is the first panel designed with the installer in mind. The following features will ensure a quick and seamless installation while providing peace of mind for the end user:

* 1,3,5 and 10 zone conventional systems. * Automatic default settings reduce on-site changes. * Simple on-site configuration through the front panel. * Large accessible terminals. * Class A or Class B circuits. * One person audible or silent walktest. * Combination waterflow/supervisory circuits. * Serial remote annunciators with reduced wiring. * Serial remote relays with reduced wiring and added flexibility. * Integral relays (alarm, supervisory, trouble). * Precision synchronization with Genesis TM Signaling Devices. * Optional DACT/Dialer with LCD display. * LCD text programming support. * Upload and download computer programming. * Competitively priced.

Est Fire Alarm - Est Fire Alarm Panel. EST3 Large Facilities Systems with exceptional alarm response and virtually fail-safe operation. EST Fire Alarm Systems

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