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Equipment - Smoke detectors, heat detectors, bells, call points, wiring, panels, break glass, fixed heat detectors, rising heat detectors. Fire alarm cable, fire alarm box, fire alarm panels, fire alarm accessories, fire alarm bell and fire alarm pull station and other fire alarm equipment.

Fire Alarm Bell. Audible mechanical fire alarm signaller, as distinct from a fire alarm electronic sounder. About the humble fire alarm bell

Fire alarm bells are commonly used, but electronic sounders can be used as an alternative. Bells are normally used where the sound of an electronic sounder may be confused with other sounders within the premises, such as intruder alarm sounders. Sounders and bells cannot be mixed on a system.

Typical motor driven type fire alarm bell

* Motor driven type alarm bell
* High sound output with low current consumption
* High durability
* Low RFI noise
* Drip-proof type available
* Lead wire connection
* Approved by Japan Fire Equipment Inspection Institute

Typical fire alarm electronic sounders

Fire Alarm Systems - Fire Bells, Electric Fire Alarm Bells, Wall-Mount Fire Alarm Bells.

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