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Zone AlarmsZone Alarms - Simplex, Edwards, Notifier fire alarms. Single and multiple zone alarms circuits and system design. National fire alarm code, fire alarm inspection, equipment, installers, manufacturers and fire alarm training.

Fire Alarm - Simplex, Notifier, Edwards fire alarm systems and others. Also wireless fire alarm systems, fire alarm system basics and fire alarm system design.

Simplex Fire Alarm: Fire alarm system for small Simplex Fire Alarm and mid-size facilities. Addressable, simple to install and maintain. In a variety of configurations, and with a good price too.


It's addressable (up to 250 points), simple to install and maintain, it gives you a host of choices, and it's priced right.

What contractors said:-

'In a nutshell, meeting the engineer's specs is a given. Our primary issues are how fast can we get the system installed, checked out, and operating. We're interested in getting on and off the job as fast as possible, while completing a quality installation. Then we can move on to the next job. In our business, like all others, time is money. Of course, we don't want to be hampered by rigid system offerings. It's important that we have the flexibility to choose from numerous options so we're not forced to buy a system that's less than or more than we need.'

The 4010 Simplex fire alarm fits this bill better than any other system in its class. It's addressable. It offers up to 250 points. And it's autoconfigured as a general alarm system to simplify installation. Earth faults won't cause installers headaches, either, because circuit-level ground fault isolation is built in.

In addition, 'device-level' ground-fault isolation is available with the new True Alarm Isolator base that provides both short-circuit and ground-fault isolation. Now, if a ground-fault occurs, it can be pinpointed quickly for rapid correction.

Other 4010 Simplex fire alarm features installers will appreciate include generous wiring space in the cabinet, and front-mounted terminal blocks. All resulting in easier and faster installation.

The 4010 Simplex fire alarm is ideal across all small and medium building applications, including multi-building networks. The 4010 is a breakthrough in price/performance for these markets.

What engineers said:-

'Our reputation rests on the success of the completed project design, fit for use, and on budget. When it comes to fire alarm systems, we want reliability and p rotection. And we need the power to configure the system to fit the job.'

Simplex fire alarm systems are the market leader. With more than two million True Alarm sensors installed, our success is a result of field-proven product design, reliability, and customer satisfaction. That's why engineers continue to specify Simplex fire alarm systems. Now, for small to mid-size buildings, they have more choices than ever before. They can specify a system with more addressable points than any other in its class, and still meet tight budgets. They know it's reliable, because it's a Simplex fire alarm. And they know it provides better protection because it's True Alarm.

What owners said:-

' We're looking for cost-effective protection for people and property. Our interest is in providing a safe environment for our occupants. If there's a fire, we want everybody to get out quickly and safely. And we want the fire department to get to the specific fire location rapidly. This saves lives and keeps insurance costs under control.

We also want to avoid nuisance alarms that disrupt our business and bring the fire department to our door unnecessarily. We want early smoke detection response before the sprinklers activate and cause water damage. Of course, we want the ability to choose from a variety of system choices. This lets us choose the best system at the best price.'

The 4010 Simplex fire alarm offers many cost-effective choices and solutions to meet a wide range of customer needs. The proven stability of patented True Alarm detection products offers more reliable system performance, faster response time to emergencies, protection against nuisance alarms, and an overall reduction in the ongoing cost of maintenance.

Auto-Programming enables the panel to read installed devices and expansion cards and automatically program them for general alarm operation, allowing immediate testing for occupancy.

SimplexGrinnell -

Simplex Grinnell

Never before has a fire and life safety supplier provided such comprehensive protection systems and services.

You've known Simplex and Grinnell Fire Protection as long-time industry leaders. Now, these two exceptional organizations have united to create a world-class company with strong values and a built-in heritage.

SimplexGrinnell is truly the business partner that can do it all. Fire detection and alarm. Fire sprinklers and extinguishers. Fire suppression. Integrated security applications linking access control, CCTV and fire protection. Health care communications. Sound, intercom and telephone. Time clocks. All backed by 24/7 emergency service.

Not only does SimplexGrinnell design, engineer and install best-in-class systems, we provide expert maintenance, inspection testing and monitoring. And the industry's largest service organization puts us at your doorstep, no matter where you're located. SimplexGrinnell has more than 10,000 technicians, installers and other professionals who provide the responsive coverage you require. We serve our customers through a network of local offices that covers all of North America. To find the local office nearest you, use the branch locator on this web site.

At SimplexGrinnell, we look forward to meeting your needs for life and property protection, communications and workforce management... today, tomorrow and in the future.
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